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A1 Medical Imaging began in 2008 and is a Consolidated Healthcare Company. Since then, it has become a model of excellence in the diagnostic industry for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). We use today’s technology to increase operational efficiency and shorten exam times. All of our Centers have open MRI scanners to optimize patient comfort. Several South Florida Centers also have the GE SIGNA Pioneer 3.0T MRI scanner that provides the latest state-of-the-art images. We monitor the performance and operation of each Center from a central location, successfully assuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

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How to prepare for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The primary purpose of magnetic resonance imaging is (MRI) to determine the extent and severity of the disease. Although MRIs can be performed without pain, some patients may experience discomfort. A specialist machine will make different noises when a doctor performs the tests. Sometimes, the noises can get very loud. For patients who are experiencing discomfort, headphones are provided …

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